Miuccia Prada is one of those really interesting designers who I'd love to talk with for hours. Her designs never fall short of interesting and the way she composites her collections always inspires me. Prada is known for her intelligent way of juxtaposing 'ugly' fashion with beautiful materials, cuts and shapes in her collections. This season, she comprised a collection with what appeared like scuba-diving material; the really bulky and unforgiving waterproof fabric, which was actually a double-faced jersey where she enthused "I could do things with that fabric I couldn't do with another fabric."

Prada really has an acid-like effect on its fans and consumers. Despite the decline in sales, Prada still pushes on with what inspires her; mixing good and bad taste together. Her collection often evokes questions and often challenges the industry's perception of 'good taste'.


Photo Credit: Style.com

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