When it comes to American designers, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the lead quarterbacks of US fashion, along with Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. The brand has been doing very well since it's humble beginnings in 1985, reaching global and commercial success since. To kick off his 30th anniversary, he created a Fall collection inspired by America; traditional American football and 70s style. "I wanted to marry sport with luxury" he said backstage and he sure did. The show was presented at Park Avenue Armoury, which was transformed into a massive football field, with an astroturf  runway, and a jumbotron which showcased models walking down the runway.

The models wore typical 70s, American-styled clothing; neck scarves, baseball jackets, and wide flair trousers. Athletic influences were evident on many pieces, referencing American football in every aspect. Even including football-lace boots, worn with almost every outfit. Despite having vintage styling, the clothes carried a somewhat youthful spirit, the models looked joyful, walking along to the soundtrack of several American singers, such as Beyonce. Hilfiger said "I've always wanted to make what was cool back then and make it relevant for today." which perfectly describes this collection.


Photo Credit: Style.com

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  1. Is it just me? Or is the 70s trend really growing on me?


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