Armani presented a subtle collection this season, basing his ideas upon lightness. There were few colours chosen, most of which were from the paler side of the spectrum, with hues of black, to break it here and there. He said "Pure elegance, what's on the inside", this can clearly be noted in the collection.

I like the structure of the shoulders, really clean and sharp

Old Hollywood was also an influence on this collection, the models hair, styled neatly and fastened into a bun at the back. The make-up was fairly simple, with attention drawn to the eyes.

There were also uses of embellishments, to further the glam of this collection. This accentuated the idea of classic beauty and effortless style. Illusions were also used, some hues were so pale, it was difficult to perceive the piece. The collection was absolutely clean and truly, beautiful.

One of the illusion pieces, the model is actually wearing a top.
That fur is beautiful.
I really like this look, it really emphasises the idea of Hollywood glamour. It looks effortless and stylish.
What a beautiful ensemble.
The gown is magnificent, I hope to see it on a red carpet soon 
Best look from the show, so much power and strength. In the lightest tone possible
Really classic, really clean - a flawless gown
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