Creative director Raf Simons is changing the house of Dior, before our own eyes. The model cast this year, finally consists of black models, a first for the brand. Not only were they used, but many cultural influences were noted in this collection. Previously, French styling and cuts were prominent, however, featured in this collection were African and Eastern motifs. Creating a collection, which is very contemporary, fresh and open.

I love the beading on the torso, the colours of this dress all work well together.

There were many African influences in this collection - African beads, worn with tulip hems and heavy layers of print. These all worked very well, although did create a 'heavy' feel. Japanese culture was also seen, featuring as obi belts, showered across the waist or shoulders. 

Raf Simons does not follow the conventions of couture, but works against it. He proposes the idea of classic, with a modern, cultural twist. The collection was very beautiful and perhaps will be seen on many red carpets, there are some looks, which definitely will. 

There's something interesting about this look, perhaps the colour or neck-line, but it's a wonderful look.
Love that skirt, with extra material.
Clear reference of Eastern culture, working very well here
I like this gown, it's incredibly smooth and effortless
Perhaps a big contender to be a red carpet look, it's certainly show stopping 
Beautiful, love to see who can wear this!


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