The show began with supermodel Naomi Campbell opening the show, seductively walking down the runway. She wore a (barely) black jacket, with decorated clasps, holding it all together. The outfit had a lot of thigh on show, revealing her sexiness, along with the lace bra.

In all her sexiness, it's been 15 years since she last walked the brand

Donatella Versace stated she was inspired by "The perfection, glamour and elegance of the black-and-white era of photographs and movies, with its light and shadow. The allure of undressing or being undressed." Her collection clearly states she based the idea of subtle sexiness, revealing skin on the model.

The next few looks featured leathers, on coats, jackets and skirts. These all had an element of seduction, generating the idea that she is nude. These were worn with soft fabrics, juxtaposing soft with edge. 

The final pieces, stated a big 'F*ck you' to PETA. Versace presented fur items, all which looked exquisite with detailed clasps, all featured in various colours. The collection was finished with gowns, all with sheer materials - there were various designs over the gowns, for modesty.

I love this look, there is so much confidence in this outfit.
Adore, such power and seduction
I really like the turtle-neck, I think it looks wonderful.
The illusion of this is magnificent
This gown is beautiful, the details are amazing
Simply beautiful.
Love the detail, very alluring
Not my favourite at all, there is not much I like



  1. i prefer this writing victor, it's more detailed

    1. Thank you, I'll be sure to keep it up :-)


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