The narrative for Chanel couture was fairly strong, the show opened with a futuristic background, showcasing a modern city. Karl Lagerfeld based his ideas on "tradition with future", the collection had clear nods to past icons; such as Grace Jones.

I really like the hats from the show, the tweed is great, with the suede boots.
Karl also presented the whole collection with wide belts, evoking another element to the ensembles. He also used various materials, from tweed to suede, but also 3D materials, creating illusions and mysterious dynamics.Another form of illusions could be noted in the forms of overlaying, heavy materials, prints and intricate details.

Very futuristic, perhaps not very wearable though
Love the silhouettes here, the sparkle works well with the jacket
Perhaps the most subtle forms of seduction, I like the interesting neck-line
I love the skirt, such interesting details
Hate this, it's far too boxy and unimaginative


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