After the final show of Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga, Alexander Wang was named the brand's latest creative director. The rather short collection showcased modern cocoon jackets, which featured cracked paint design - seen on various teasers. The first look had the model wearing a  cocoon coat with fur sleeves and collars. She also wore fitted black pants with simple boots. She looked very modern, with her minimal ensemble.

I like the simple colours used, which makes the look timeless. I also like the coat, which is modern and simple.
Alex played with the same silhouette, adding more sophistication as the collection continued. The next look had the model wearing a white turtle-neck with a blazer version of the coat, with a simple black skirt. She was finished with suede knee-length boots and a white bag. The skirt was then lengthened, with the addition of a modernised white shirt and similar boots.

Backless dresses was a very subtle addition to the début collection, the dresses had peplums, with various cut-outs. The first was rather clean with the detail focused at the back. The dress had a tiered cut-out which looked very, very fashionable. The next was rather similar, with a big reveal of the model's back.

The collection then showcased RTW pieces, which had a sexy, sophistication element to it. The front of the ensemble would appear simple, with minimal colour. But the exposure of the back would reveal the 'sexy' element to the look. For example the look Fei Fei Sun wore, the outfit looked simple and contemporary, with an open back. 

Cracked paint was among the final choice for Wang's début collection, the design which was seen on the runway, appeared on tops. The pieces were very well structured, with simplistic elements. The top was seen in 2 colour choices, black with white cracks and visa versa. The show closed with luxurious jumper tops and pants with sheer detailing.

I like the jacket and the pants, very simple
Not my favourite look from the show, the shoes are very cool though
I love that top! So, so modern!
Just wow, take a look at the back!
Mmmmmmmmm, I love the peplum on this dress
Kasia looks amazing here, the look is great
I love the front-side of this look, very simple and sophisticated. The back is a little out-there for me
Perfect! I must say, that top must be terribly uncomfortable
A rather simple look to close the show, I wish it were something else from the collection.



  1. oooooh it's perfect! <3 monochrome is just flawless.

    1. I know right! What a lovely debut to the house


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