Anna Molinari showcased another very beautiful collection this fall with heavy usage of coloured leathers and sheep's fur. The overall collection had a fun and sophisticated aura to it. The first look had the model wearing a light pink/peach ensemble with a suede jacket with sheep accents and leather pants. 

I love it! The colour choice is sexy and the items look super sophisticated.

Molinari then moved onto minimal, white designs. She showcased luxury knit coats and dresses, in the silhouettes of turtle-necks and over-sized coats. Moving onto more RTW pieces, these had a very sophisticated element to it, with simplistic design and styling. 

The collection then showcased light, ethereal skirts. These had a chiffon base with a firm material lining to add structure. These were teamed with masculine blazers, with attention to the shoulders, with padding. Silk florals also made an appearance, these had white strips along them, to break the pattern. The design was fun and flirty.

Molinari closed the show with a number of black looks, these revealed a lot of skin with sequin detailing. The final look was a sheer dress, with sequin strips - modern sexiness.

Not my favourite piece from the show, the skirt is very pretty with a matching top half. 
The knit looks very luxurious, but there isn't anything special about it.
Ah yes, it's very sophisticated, with the minimal shapes and silhouettes. The outfit is given a modern twist with the skirt and the shoes.
I love this! The dress is very ethereal!
Daphne looks great! The outfit matches her skintone well, with a plunging neck-line.
Beautiful! The dress looks even more light in pastel blue, perhaps the best look.
This reminds me of Versace X H&M, with the colour choice and print. I'm not too sure about this look, what do you think?
I feel that this is very Balmain, with the heavy jacket-top in contrast with the skirt. It does look very nice, but perhaps not with this collection.
I love it! The sexy top, with the skirt! The shapes work very well with a classic heel.
Paying homage to LV SS13, it looks good. 



  1. I love the writing of your posts, they're always so detailed. I agree, the collection was very beautiful

  2. Replies
    1. Thankyou, that means so much to me. Keep on reading, the next post is about 'The Death of Fashion'

  3. A lovely collection, I love the skirt with black jacket!
    a hug ;)


    1. It's very beautiful right? Anna is an amazing designer! Thanks for the comment :-)


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