This is probably the best show of the whole season, the dresses are very unique and like nothing I've ever seen before. The collection is actually wearable which is great! The first look had the mode wearing a simple turtle-neck coat with over-sized pants, with the bottom rolled up. 

I do like the top of this look, it looks very simple which is 100% my style. The pants are...not. 

Chalayan loves to play with contrasting silhouettes and shapes, one piece being very free with minimal structure, worn with something tight and well fitted. A couple of looks in, an outfit consisting of a black shirt, worn with a denim skirt. She wore simple suede boots to finish the outfit.

Graphic prints were also very big on the Parisian runway, the prints were seen on dresses, blazers and coats. These looked very youthful and wearable. The prints provided a unique element to his collection. 

The most memorable part of the Fall/Winter show, the convertible dresses. These had rather interesting designs, until the model pulled on the dress, revealing another beneath. His designs are very innovative and rather scientific. Check out the images below!

I love the jumper with the feminine touch of the scarf. Both colours contrast very wel.
The shirt looks amazing, but I would've preferred it with the trousers seen on the runway.
Casual at it's best, this would look amazing on Joan Smalls.
I love these trousers! They look amazing!
Mmm, that print is so modern. I love it!
This dress definitely caught my attention, I love both versions of it!
Now this is how you close a show, this dress is phenomenal
What did you think of the Chalayan show?



  1. aaah i actually love it all so much! that oversize jumper with the skater skirt is one of my favorite looks! :)

    1. I think my favourite was the casual look and the final two, they are really, really amazing.


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