The boys are at it again, creating beautiful ensembles with the use of luxurious gold accessories and mosaic prints. The designs are always innovative and different, never following the latest trends. With the sombre intro coming to an end, the first model appeared in a beautiful mosaic gown, the piece had jewels embellished onto the gown. She was adorned with over-sized earrings and a beautiful crown.

The outfit is 100% eye-catching, however it isn't wearable. I love the crown with large earrings.

The boys then moved onto wearable pieces, focusing on simple silhouettes and less diamonds. The outfits had a base of tweed with a pop of colour from the jewellery. She was finished with kitten heels and a simple black bag. The grey outfits looked sophisticated with emphasis around the waist, adding peplums to give a woman shape. 

D&G then showcased simple designs, with focus on the materials. For example the simple ensemble Liu Wen wore, she wore a simple black dress, with lace panelling and a matching coat. She was accessorised with a gold bag and gold heels.

Red was the most vibrant colour choice for the season, the outfits were mainly dresses. These had lace or shimmer detailing, with gold accessories. Before finally showcasing white-based mosaic outfits. The outfits packed a lot of colour, with lace detailing - beautiful. Dolce & Gabbana then closed the show with an army of models, wearing all red.

I really like the shape of this dress, the mosaic print is very beautiful.
Wow, I love this piece! 
Sophistication never goes out of style, I love the simple elements to this ensemble
I like the shape of this outfit, it looks very smart and wearable
Amazing, very eye-catching and unique!
Liu Wen stuns in this outfit, so simple and beautiful. I like the minimal lace on the dress, in contrast with the exaggerated coat.
Masculine tailoring on a woman will always seem beautiful to me, I love this look.
The dress looks very playful, juxtaposing with the symbolic necklace. 
Not my favourite piece, but very beautiful.
The signature to any D&G show. If you note the shoe choice, it's so the models don't fall.

What did you think? Let me know below!


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