Bruce Chatwin was an English novelist and travel writer who died in Nice, France at the age of only 48. For Burberry's Spring 2015 collection, Christopher Bailey said "He was completely British, but he struggled to stay in one place.", Chatwin became the muse for Bailey this season, as the clothes had heavy emphasis on luxury travel wear. The denim jackets, the suedes and the big floppy hats are the perfect accompaniment for travelling. Written across jackets, scarves and bags read "Adventure!" and "Exploration!", adding a humorous and modern flair to the collection.

The models carried notebooks and large weekend bags to reference the travelling aspect and the functionality of the collection - not only does the collection boast luxury and wealth, but also usefulness and function. The colours from the show featured weathered tones, faded greens and rich browns, all of which show the influence of Bruce Chatwin. This collection is not only for the man who travels, but for the man who is aware of his style and his appearance - making it perfect for any man.

What did you think of this collection?
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  1. haha oh Christopher Bailey. This collection was crazy. The hats I don't think many men would want to wear. I always love Burberry but this collection was not my favorite. Plus I didn't like the singer/pianist. I miss Tom Odell, that was the best. Sneakers were on point though. Definitely loved those.

    1. Yes, the collection is very colourful and fun. Although the artist's song this year, was rather sad. I guess it was used to evoke a sense of poignancy from the audience and pay respect to Bruce Chatwin, who was the main influence for this collection.


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