According to Iceberg's press release, the show was all about nature. Despite the synthetic appearance of the collection, the show used wools, cottons and silks.To contrast the nature-concious materials, the show featured marbled tie-dye prints, printed abstractly on silk shirts and hoodies. Similarly, the show presented bold colours, resulting in an interesting disharmony between the materials and the look of the clothes. There was a strong outdoor feel to the collection, which is perfect for summer - materials cool enough for the heat, jumpers which are not too heavy, all appropriate for summer.

The collection looks really modern and cool. The generously large trousers, the interesting prints and the styling of the first few outfits, look ultra contemporary. Although, some people feel disappointed with Federico Curradi's collection. When compared to last seasons' younger and hipper vibe, some pieces in this collection seem bizzare, and frankly speaking, ugly. So, a mixed review from me today - although there are some outfits I really liked, some were disappointing.

What did you think of this collection?
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