On her trip to Cuba, Donatella Versace found inspiration from the culture, the people and the fashion around her. This seasons' collection, showcases Cuban-style, infused with Italian tailoring. Classic mesh vests, commonly worn in hotter climates, teamed with a leather handbag to show the infusion of the two cultures. Not one to showcase only cheap barrio fishnet, Donatella added loafers lined with gold links, gold detailing along jackets and jeans and a cardigan cabled in gold to maintain a luxurious flair. The show was great for showing off Versace House; the furniture branch of the Italian brand. The models carried picnic baskets, backpacks filled with tablewear and some, held Versace branded plates down the runway.

The collection showed great colour, ice-creamily coloured pinks, complimented by clean whites and stark blacks. Some models had mini vials of perfume around their necks and once again, showing off the famous Versace gold chain. The collection is definitely Donatella, bold colours, rich golds and pin-sharp tailoring. We'd expect nothing less from the Italian queen.

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  1. Wowzers! the models were so gorgeous and the roman style swim suits were my favorite. I could totally see a cool guy rockin' that on the beach B-D


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