For Givenchy this season, Riccardo Tisci wanted to play around with formal clothes. There was a strong school-boy brute theme in this collection as the models wore skullcaps in their black blazers, white shirst, black trousers and black ties. The models wore black boots with white laces, adding to their mean appearance. No rottweilers, no sharks or stars this collection, but a print of gypsophila, otherwise known as baby's breath. Printed almost elegantly on sheer vests and tops (not pictured above) and on bomber jackets and trousers.

I think this collection is really clean compared to Tisci's past collections, I really enjoyed the first few looks. I like the rough school-boy image that he presented, they look very strong, masculine and powerful. But the school-boy influences, add a touch of youth and innocence, which juxtaposes the whole look. Sidenote, I'm just doing two more reviews for this season and that's it. I might do another outfit post soon, because that went down really well. Have a wonderful day and I'll post again in a few hours.

What did you think of this collection?
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  1. love this collection <3

  2. OMG where do I begin? lol My favorite collection along with Dolce and Gabbana. The earrings were so sexy and the floral pieces were so exquisite <3

    1. What I think is great about this collection is that every model, suited the look they wore. It looks very natural for them, and so they all pulled it off. Even wearing sheer vests with flower print, seemed masculine?


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