Silvia Venturini wanted to present a simple collection this season, she showcased simple leather jackets, with smart chinos and sandals, some accessorised with weaved leather handbags and even adorned with headphones, which was collaborated with Beats by Dr. Dre. Of course, the headphones were covered with leather and teamed with smartly tailored clothes. All of the models wore sandals this season, even with suits, resulting in an interesting combination of style. It somewhat reminds me of the deconstruction of fashion, teaming two unlikely things together, creating a beautiful end result.

Silvia claimed she was inspired by Bob Marley and his simple style of dress. The way he wore his t-shirt with a pair of basic jeans and threw on a leather jacket, which is clearly exhibited in this collection. I like it, there's something beautiful in simple clothes, it's awfully clean. Even the way the models wore sandals with a leather jacket, or a suit. On paper, that sounds horrible, but here? It looks very stylish. Silvia clearly cleaned it up though, adding touches of luxury here and there, just as expected by the house of Fendi.

What did you think of this collection?
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  1. Loved the sandals and the ombre effect jackets :)

    1. Those jackets are actually leather! They are just so intricately printed, so it looks like denim.


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