For this seasons' collection, you can really see where Topman Design team drew their influences - Jimi Hendrix's nonchalant style during the 1960s, with tight but flare pants, teamed with a floral shirt and a suede jacket. Liam Gallagher's care-free parka and messy hair combo also made an appearance in the collection. The look screams 'Don't mess with me!' and adds a masculine punch. However, Robert Plant's infamous mini kimono shirt added a touch of flamboyancy. Back in the day, Robert Plant wore his blouse with flair denim jeans and also messy hair.

I think it's easy to dismiss this collection as messy and outdated, but after seeing the influences of British rock stars (and one American), the collection is clearly about history and the modern remake. Surprisingly, the bottom row of looks (above) are my favourite. I like the colours and the shapes of it all. Whilst some looks might appear too flamboyant or camp, the messy hair and the nonchalant attitude of the male models makes it very masculine and very strong.

What did you think of this collection?
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  1. I honestly think the clothes looked a little sloppy on the models. Almost not tailored well but maybe because it it Topman and not a high end designer, i don't know.

    1. Yeah, they tend to keep it very casual and care-free. I guess that's right, seeing as though it's from Topman which is essentially high-street.


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